The BTA National Conference was alight with discussions about the future of the industry, and leading the charge was none other than Konica Minolta. The global tech giant made a considerable impression as they delved into their managed IT services, emphasizing their dedication to advancing office technology and solutions.

A notable highlight was Sam Errigo, President and CEO of Konica Minolta, participating in the “Will Slave Labor Disrupt the Supply Chain?” His insights, coupled with his leadership position at Konica Minolta, brought a depth of knowledge and perspective that enriched the conversation.

It wasn’t just Errigo who was present; the conference saw a significant representation from the company. Laura Blackmer, President of Konica Minolta, was also in attendance, along with a full entourage of Konica Minolta’s top executives.

Their collective presence underlined Konica Minolta’s commitment to the industry and their proactive approach in shaping the future landscape of office technology. Their discussions on managed IT services showcased how the company is not just keeping pace with industry developments but is at the forefront, guiding its evolution.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.