By Tam Salmon, PaperCut – Whip out your catcher’s net and start scooping up all the latest PaperCut MF enhancements because it’s release season!

If PaperCut 21.1 were a Pokémon (or any adorable critter from “insert role-playing video game here”), these would be its upgrades:

  • Scan to Fax – Phone Book on Konica Minolta
  • Mixed page size scanning – now supported on Kyocera
  • Support for Google Cloud Directory sync of custom attributes to the Card/ID field through LDAP

What are these upgrades exactly? Well, imagine you’re reading the following on the back of a holographic collectible playing card!

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Scan to Fax – Phone Book on Konica Minolta

Don’t worry, I won’t take the low-hanging fruit of the “yes, faxing is still a thing” gag. We all know how crucial faxing is for industries like healthcare for hardcopy transmission.

This latest faxing integration continues our hard work in supporting workplaces, who, like a proofreader, are all about the fax (okay, so I will take the low-hanging fruit of a lazy pun).

Like an evolving Pokémon, this integration for Phone Book on Konica Minolta comes in a couple of parts…

Multiple Recipients

When building a fax recipient list for a Scan to Fax job, you can now add multiple recipients for a single document, either via manual entry or choosing from a phone book.

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