A dedicated industrial UV printer for direct-to-object printing on bags and hard goods

Danvers, Mass. August 29, 2023 – Global printing industry leader Inkcups  announces the global launch of the XJET Switch, a groundbreaking digital printer for direct-to-bag and hard goods applications. This state-of-the-art addition to the esteemed XJET line is the first UV flatbed printing machine formulated with high-quality bag decoration in mind. As the ‘Switch’ title indicates, the new machine boasts flexible capabilities for both pliable and hard goods, manual load and automated load and index – either 180 or 90 degrees if some pretreatment is required.

The XJET Switch sets a new standard in swift and high-quality UV flatbed printing, producing high-quality, full CMYKWW (highly opaque white) images directly onto a variety of bags and hard goods. Its exceptional capabilities make it an ideal solution for decorating reusable bags made from a wide range of materials and colors, and it is capable of handling even the most challenging substrates such as clear and thin bags.

XJET Switch Feature Overview

  • Decorates reusable bags, totes, and hard goods
  • Full CMYK + two Highly Opaque Whites
  • Four rotating platens: two on each side, customizable
  • Continuous printing design for loading and unloading while the machine is printing
  • Instant UV light curing capability with two 16W adjustable lamps
  • Automatic purging, wiping, and caping stations
  • Accommodates parts up to 240 mm (9.45”) in height
  • CE Certified
  • Automation-ready

The four rotating platens of the XJET Switch are a standard feature that optimizes print productivity with two setups simultaneously. Additionally, the system provides customization options that allow for the configuration of platens to meet specific customer requirements. For instance, it is feasible to have three-up, four-up, or more within the printable area. Additionally, the industrial design allows for integrated pre-treatment.

This industrial printer is specifically designed for a 3-shift production setup, enabling rapid prints with exceptional quality. It incorporates cutting-edge functionalities including automated purging, wiping, and caping stations, white recirculating system, servo control indexer, two 16-watt adjustable UV lamps, and numerous additional features that contribute to swift production while ensuring high-resolution images for a premium finished product.

Paired with the highly flexible XFLEXX UV Ink series, the XJET Switch highlights its versatility by decorating an extensive range of reusable bags, eliminating the risk of cracking or distorting as the bag naturally moves with use. Furthermore, among the ink series, the Vivid White ink stands out, delivering a brighter and more opaque white, rivaling the printed white achieved through competing processes.

Benjamin Adner, CEO, remarks, “The XJET Switch made its trade show debut at PRINTING United in 2022, and we were thrilled to witness its immediate success. This direct-to-bag printer generated a tremendous amount of excitement among our customers, who have been eagerly seeking a consistent and sustainable way to decorate reusable bags. This innovative machine serves as the perfect solution to their needs, for tote bags and beyond, and we hope to exceed their expectations. We enthusiastically anticipate the creative possibilities that our customers will bring to life with the XJET Switch.”

The XJET Switch will next be exhibited at PRINTING United in Atlanta, GA. To learn more about the full Inkcups equipment range, visit www.inkcups.com.

About Inkcups

Inkcups is a leading supplier and manufacturer of digital inkjet equipment, pad printing equipment, laser platemakers and corresponding supplies, with direct sales, technical support and warehouse locations in the USA, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Hong Kong and other global locations. Inkcups manufactures high-quality industrial machines for a wide range of industries, including apparel, drinkware, promotional, electronic, medical, sporting goods and automotive markets.

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