Campus Mobile and Kiosk Ordering Software That Drives A Higher Customer Satisfaction and Increases Revenue


The platform takes orders and processes payments from your students through their smartphone.

The kitchen receives orders seamlessly, timely and without errors. Students pick-up their orders in designated areas without needing to wait in line. It’s quick and easy. Increasing both the food service location’s revenues and the customer’s satisfaction.


  • Student ordering data remains yours: access to the order history provided
  • Designed just for you: customize the food ordering website to suit your brand
  • Get cash upfront: receive all payments directly into the merchant account (use the netZcore accounts/meal plans and credit/debit)
  • Seamless integration with POS and Payment systems: automated entries, no manual work
  • Know your students: order reports. Get to know your customers to help you tailor menu offerings
  • Mobile ordering is available on iOS and Android

“With the food industry going through a series of changes – it is fundamental to provide students a safe, hygienic and contactless way of food ordering.

Mobile ordering offers a fast and intuitive way for your students to order and pay for food wherever they are, contact free. It is a complete solution for contactless food ordering within your campus and outside.”

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A Sleek Multipurpose Control Terminal with An Intuitive Touchscreen Interface – netZtouch Terminal