Manufacturer Expanding DocuWare to All Departments

Ewart-Ohlson manufactures precise parts for the aerospace, energy, steel, and automotive industries. Their Quality Control Department uses DocuWare to securely file documents pertaining to the manufacture of these parts.

Challenges facing a paper-based business

Ewart-Ohlson Machine Company specializes in precision Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, producing large-size parts in steel, aluminum, titanium, and other alloys for aerospace, energy, steel, and automotive industries. Originally founded in 1942 to serve the needs of the rubber industry, the company began working with the steel and automotive industries in the 1970s and has been in business for 60 years. Documents on each precision part produced by the company, must be stored for a number of years in compliance with the terms outlined in AS9100 compliance regulations. That requires accurate and secure record keeping. Before DocuWare was implemented, all records and paper documents had to be manually sorted and filed in a physical location. When staff in Quality Control or any other department needed to reference the documents internally or respond to requests by a customer, the search process was long and arduous, becoming a growing obstacle that had to be overcome.

The benefits of digitizing: speed and efficiency

Digitizing with DocuWare improved document filing and retrieval time. By securely storing files electronically in DocuWare, Ewart-Ohlson easily adheres to compliance regulations. Search and retrieval is now straightforward. With up to 300 pages of paper documents to be scanned and filed per week, the company appreciates the benefits of a digital document management system. As a small business with a staff of twenty, Ewart-Ohlson can now channel all resources on catering to the needs and manufacturing requests of their customers. The staff can work faster and much more efficiently. “File retrieval, which used to take upwards of 30 minutes per search, can now be done in under a minute”, says Brian Ewart, the company’s President. “Now that the process is managed electronically through DocuWare, we can find what we need faster.”

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