Since 1974, Polek & Polek has stood as a beacon of reliability and profitability in the Document Imaging industry. As a family-owned and operated business for two generations, they have cemented their reputation as a formidable wholesale distributor known for prioritizing the needs and profitability of independent dealers over Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Their comprehensive product offerings include staples, toner, waste toner receptacles, drums, cleaning supplies, and an extensive range of printer components such as blades, fuser rollers, feed rollers, bearings/bushings, and copier test sheets.

Polek & Polek’s Vendor Connect further enhances their service offering, with integration capabilities to automation software like E-Automate. Their business philosophy is deeply rooted in building enduring relationships and contributing to customer loyalty and profitability in a fiercely competitive market. They are committed to doing business until the end of time, a testament to their resolve and dedication to their partners’ success. Polek & Polek’s enduring presence in the industry makes them an invaluable ally to the independent document imaging community.

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SOURCE Polek and Polek