[Brno, June 29] – Y Soft, leading provider of software solutions, proudly unveils three game-changing launches that are set to redefine the printing and scanning landscape. With the introduction of Pure Cloud Terminals, Multi-Vendor Scanning, and OMNI Bridge, Y Soft continues its commitment to delivering powerful solutions that optimize security, convenience, and productivity for businesses of all sizes.

Seamless Integration with Pure Cloud Terminals  

Y Soft’s Pure Cloud Terminals, now fully compatible with YSoft SAFEQ Cloud, provide unparalleled integration of printing and scanning, eliminating the complexities associated with traditional setups. These next-generation terminals offer businesses a streamlined and efficient experience, enabling them to connect directly to the cloud without the need for additional software or hardware. With a secure connection, users can effortlessly print and scan documents from their preferred devices.

“Enabling additional vendors and updating existing terminals with new functionality allows us to provide our customers with a powerful print and scan solution that offers unparalleled security, convenience, and flexibility,” said Adam Bishop, Y Soft Chief Marketing Officer. While the Pure Cloud Terminals are available only for HP, Ricoh, and FujiFilm devices, Y Soft plans to expand compatibility with other vendors soon.

Revolutionizing Document Management with Multi-Vendor Scanning  

Multi-Vendor Scanning capability is taking the realm of document processing to new heights. “Leveraging Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, this feature eliminates the need for manual data entry and significantly reduces time and resources spent on document processing, boosting accuracy and increasing productivity,” said Tavs Dalaa, CTO at Y Soft. By enabling digital documents to be edited or found through keyword search and metadata, businesses gain unprecedented control over their document management processes.

Additional features, including ‘One touch Workflows’, further enhance the user experience and efficiency. The new software is particularly valuable for industries such as healthcare, legal, and finance, where document processing plays a critical role in daily operations. Advanced scanning features are only initially available to customers hosted in Y Soft public cloud. Private cloud and on-premise customers will be able to access these features in a later version.

Simplifying Complexity with OMNI Bridge  

To address the challenges faced by IT departments managing complex legacy infrastructures, Y Soft introduces OMNI Bridge. Developed and manufactured internally by Y Soft in the Czech Republic, this edge device is designed to integrate seamlessly and securely with both SAFEQ Cloud and SAFEQ Managed.

With just three simple steps, OMNI Bridge instantly connects printers to the cloud, providing cost savings with zero IT effort to deploy. This innovative solution enables organizations to streamline their printing processes while maintaining the highest level of security and accessibility from any location. OMNI Bridge is now available, and customers can contact their Y Soft partner for ordering details.

About Y Soft: 

Y Soft is a leading provider of software solutions, dedicated to helping businesses optimize their printing and scanning infrastructure while enhancing security and productivity. With a focus on simplifying and automating everyday workflows, Y Soft enables organizations to prioritize their core objectives. Guided by a customer-centric approach and a commitment to innovation, the company consistently delivers cutting-edge technologies that streamline document management and drive business success. Trusted by over 29,700 customers worldwide, including a notable 44% of the Global Fortune 500 companies, Y Soft’s products have earned acclaim for their reliability and effectiveness.

 For media inquiries, please contact:  

Ondřej Pospíšil
Y Soft Senior Marcoms Manager
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