Public Cloud vs Private Cloud vs Hybrid Cloud

Ever seen the terms publicprivate, and hybrid cloud and asked yourself, “Hmm, I wonder how they relate to the print management space?” Ok, you probably haven’t wondered that. Regardless, it’s time we learned!

Why move print management to the cloud again?

Before diving into this topic. you may want to think about your own organizational goals and what benefits of cloud are most appealing to you.

Some of those benefits may include:

  • Reducing capital expenditures and/or predictability of cost
  • Reducing operational complexity
  • Creating new offerings capabilities or services
  • Modernization of legacy IT systems

The list goes on and it’s a fair question to ask yourself, “Why move to the cloud anyway?.” It’s not a case of one cloud fits all. The right cloud strategy is defined by your business strategies.

The three different cloud hosting deployment models

  • Public cloud – Cloud computing services that use shared resources accessed over the internet along with other users from other companies

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Our public cloud option is PaperCut Hive


PaperCut Hive Walkthrough from ACDI