How to Revolutionize a Hybrid Learning Environment

How do you provide an impactful education when your students are scattered throughout various locations? Undeniably, one of the most drastic challenges stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic has been the way students learn. This is especially critical at the university level, where the classroom structure has traditionally been more hands on. As schools closed their doors last year, many students became worried that the quality of education would diminish and that it would be a struggle to stay engaged in class. However, with the right technology anything is possible!

We recently had the opportunity to work with Denmark Technical College (DTC), located in South Carolina, to provide technology solutions that created the perfect hybrid learning environment. With Sharp’s technological upgrades, the school’s faculty and students were able to continue their work without major disruptions or complications. Consider some of the following tech upgrades as you look to enhance your college’s hybrid classroom experience.

The problem: 
When social distancing guidelines required a maximum of 50 percent occupancy in classrooms, the college’s director of IT services needed to find hybrid classroom solutions without sacrificing the learning experience. He also needed technology that would remain relevant beyond the pandemic, since the classroom model is likely to change permanently. 

The solution:

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