Company Uses Fax To Move Towards Paperless

Based in Anacortes, Washington, Integra LTC Solutions, LLC was founded in 2001 with the ambitious goal to remove all paper from institutional pharmacies. They wanted to manage not just document storage, but incoming work orders for their customers. To achieve this, Integra needed a secure faxing solution for pharmacies to process their orders. Today, Integra specializes in the design and development of mission critical software systems, helping pharmacies manage all aspects of healthcare-critical data.

Integra takes what is physical for pharmacies such as orders, paper records, and other paper objects, and converts them into work items to prioritize and schedule orders in a way they can’t do physically. Essentially, they have created a shrink wrap solution that encompasses all document transport to fit pharmacy needs.

Their market is unique – a majority of their customers are mass production pharmacies that have created a ‘one-op’ process, filling their orders in assembly line fashion to process orders in the most expedited manner. For pharmacies that have low IT skills and small budgets that aren’t able to accommodate for a transition to a cloud-based environment, namely the recent transition from fax servers to fax boards, Integra serves to provide top quality customer service, redundancy, speed and security in their solution.

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