MPS Monitor Recently Announced Their New Integration With PaperCut Data, Check Out Their Video Demonstrating This New Addition

ecoprintQ would like you to check out the video to see examples of the pre-built dashboards and reports through the award-winning BI capabilities integrated in MPS Monitor SaaS service

MPS Monitor® recently announced the integration of PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG print management data into its Analytics BI platform. The goal of this integration is to provide a feature-rich Business Intelligence and reporting environment to imaging dealers and Managed Print Services end customers who use the PaperCut MF and PaperCut NG platforms for print management, job accounting, and secure printing.

“We believe that Business Intelligence can be a real game-changer for the imaging industry.”

Nicola De BlasiCEO of MPS Monitor

MPS Monitor Analytics is a full and comprehensive BI platform designed for imaging dealers, printer resellers and Managed Print Services providers, based entirely on Microsoft’s Power BI Embedded technology. The solution enables users to access a full BI environment from within their MPS Monitor web portal – all without the need for separate accounts, different portals, or additional licensing. Through the integration of data coming from PaperCut MF, MPS Monitor is substantially enriching its BI capabilities, by importing into its Analytics system all the data that PaperCut exports.

A typical PaperCut MF instance produces a vast amount of data related to all the aspects of managed print: type and size of documents printed, users and departments who print, cost of each single print job, environmental impact of print activities and savings generated by the implementation of print policies, rules and best practices. This valuable and extensive dataset can now be merged inside the MPS Monitor Power BI Embedded database. All the raw data generated by PaperCut MF is transformed into stunning visuals with advanced filtering and slicing features, drill-through capabilities, and meaningful aggregations.

“The integration created by MPS Monitor allows our mutual customers to maximize their investment in both print management and fleet management…”

Stu Brookes, EMEA Head of Channel & Alliances, PaperCut

The result is a massive increase in the ability to create insights and data visualizations, by leveraging the power of real-time data coming from devices to analyze user behaviors, identify and compare costs, analyze printing patterns and implement optimization strategies on each print fleet where PaperCut MF or PaperCut NG is active.

To watch the video and read more about MPS Monitor’s new integration with PaperCut data please click here.

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