New partnership strengthens and expands TSG’s service offerings, executive management team and positions the company for continued growth

Los Angeles, January 21, 2022: TSG / Team Solutions Group is announcing its partnership with Gregory Chun. Chun is an American businessman, executive, investor, and technologist with more than 35 years of experience operating technology and software companies and has developed a practice specializing in mergers and acquisitions restructuring (M&A). He serves as founder and a board member of Greco Technologies, Inc. and, recently, as past chief information officer (CIO) at International Creative Management Partners for 14 years. His history in restructuring private equity-held entities, including Playboy, ICM, and other entertainment-based companies, will merge hand in glove with TSG’s business consulting practice.

“I’m very excited and looking forward to joining TSG’s amazing management team. I believe we will be able to address now a full spectrum of operational and production business efficiency issues and produce world-class solutions for our clients,” Chun noted.

TSG / Team Solutions Group and Chun plan to merge their combined experience building business efficiency and financial restructuring programs and solutions for their clients. With its new partnership, TSG will expand its service offerings into areas such as fleet management, licensing management, software development, contract management, financial restructuring, and a host of technology-related services.

“We are energized and pleased to see our company positioned for both organic and structured growth with the addition of Greg as our new partner. He will bring new momentum and management coverage to Team Solutions Group,” said Dave Akin, CEO.

About Team Solutions Group

The company focused on office business solutions. Its consultative approach and strong relationships with leading technology providers, such as Sharp, HP, and Microsoft enabled it to grow into a national business technology service provider quickly. The company’s product portfolio continues to expand to meet the challenges of today’s business. TSG’s customers have benefited from its proven proprietary process, TekTrak™. TSG provides customers with a validated business case to implement the latest integrated business technology solutions, including hardware, software, contract management, financial restructuring, and a built-in return on investment and increased efficiencies.

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