After 22 years in business, DocuGraphics is rebranding as Levifi, laying the groundwork for continued growth in the exciting world of workplace technology. Founded as a Xerox copier dealership in 2002, Docugraphics — now Levifi— has evolved from a small team of four to a leading provider of workplace technology. The company’s operations now span across nine branches in the Southeast, supported by a workforce of over 80 employees. Throughout its evolution, Levifi has transformed thousands of workplaces and earned various industry awards, including the Inc5000, SC50, ENX Dealer of Distinction, and Roaring 20s titles.

In the spring of 2023, DocuGraphics acquired Custom Cloud Solutions, a premier provider of cloud and managed IT services for businesses across the United States. The integration of Custom Cloud Solutions enhanced Levifi’s capabilities, positioning it as a well-rounded technology company ready to boost its clients’ success.

In an industry ripe with private equity acquisitions and consolidation, Levifi is committed to independent growth. Without reliance on outside capital, Levifi can maintain its vitality and stability for generations to come. Independence allows Levifi to retain full control over its operations, decision-making processes, and long-term vision. It fosters agility, enabling swift responses to market changes without external interference. This aligns with a commitment to Levifi’s core values and mission, avoiding potential conflicts that may arise from aligning with the priorities of private equity investors.

“At Levifi, we join forces to build something greater than any of us could achieve alone. We elevate our work by embracing innovative thinking, fostering teamwork, and rallying around a shared vision for the broader benefit of all.”

– Thomas Fimian, Founder and CEO of Levifi