CEO Juice’s recent announcement of the 2023 World Class Office Equipment Resellers List, as determined by extensive customer feedback, is an opportunity for companies in this industry to gauge where they stand in terms of customer satisfaction.

Satmetrix, the company behind the software that calculates Net Promoter Scores (NPS), categorizes a ‘World Class’ service as one with a rating of 70 or higher—far surpassing the average U.S. company score of 10. The CEO Juice list not only recognizes the top performers based on customer feedback but also serves as a benchmark for others in the industry.

Office equipment resellers not currently participating in the NPS program should consider the benefits: it’s a chance to measure and understand customer perception, improve service quality, and ultimately, leverage positive scores to win new business. Being listed as a World Class reseller could significantly enhance your company’s reputation, instilling confidence among potential clients and creating an edge over competitors.

Click here to see the full list of 2023 World Class Office Equipment Resellers

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.