What’s Happenin’ in September 2019 – The Biggest Imaging Industry Stories Of The Month

What’s Happenin’ in the imaging industry? Here’s a list of the top 10 articles people clicked on in September on this website (with a few hours left in the month). Based on your views, here are the month’s biggest stories. Enjoy!

  1. Clover Acquires LMI, 5,676 page views
  2. Gordon Flesch Company Acquires Advanced Systems, Inc., Creating the Midwest’s Largest Independent Office Equipment Dealer, 4,112 Page Views
  3. HP Acquires Security Start-up, 2,667 Page Views
  4. Complete Document Solutions Acquires Xerox Office Technology Reseller, 2,446 Page Views
  5. Oval Partners/Flex Technology Acquire In Midwest, 2,343 Page Views
  6. Xerox Wins Intelligent Workplace Services Contract with Defense Giant, 2,315 Page Views
  7. Oval Partners/Flex Acquires In New England, 2,162 Page Views
  8. Kelley Imaging Systems Strengthens Washington State Market Coverage With New Dealer Acquisition, 1,903 Page Views
  9. Ricoh Introduces New Color MFP Series and Printer Model, 1,760 Page Views
  10. Braden Business Systems Acquires Cook County Photocopy Co., 1,520 Page Views


SOURCE Industry Analysts