What’s Happenin’ at the Ricoh IM C Series NYC Launch

By Andy Slawetsky, Industry Analysts – On January 17, Ricoh held an analyst briefing at their NYC offices to showcase their IM C Series of 6 MFPs they’ve just launched.

Ricoh USA President and CEO Joji Tokunaga was on hand to open the event, taking attendees through slides discussing Ricoh’s multi phase growth strategy. Joji said, “we have to make our customer’s customer successful.”

VP Glenn Laverty then spoke to the small crowd, telling us, “we become relevant when we think about our customer and our customer’s customer.’

Steve Berger came in from Japan for this meeting as well and told us “as we go forward, its less about the products and more abut the customer.”

Are you starting to see a common theme here? It’s all about the customer’s customer and Ricoh is taking aim at the end user and how they can help them be more successful.

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The IM-C Series that we were there to see is part of what Ricoh calls their Dynamic Workplace Intelligence approach that will deliver “continual improvements” and “technical evolution.” Ricoh’s Always Current Technology and Cloud Workflow Solutions help make this possible, allowing for in field remote upgrades, the automated addition of new features as they become available and more.

During the meeting, Ricoh received an award for their new MFP line from BLI/Keypoint Intelligence. According to George Mikolay of BLI, Dynamic Workplace Intelligence, and specifically RICOH Always Current Technology, takes that approach to the next level, giving decision makers granular, day-to-day control and management over the technology and enabling them to work with employees to constantly improve their organization’s workflow. This will help keep businesses more competitive in a faster paced world than ever before.”

After the initial announcements and senior speakers, we were divided into groups and taken to areas where we received presentations on a variety of topics, such as Ricoh’s RemoteConnect support, which gives technicians remote access to the devices, Remote Panel Operation and more. The Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) feature is new and is a “proactive approach to maintaining the device that gives the Ricoh service team high visibility for quick diagnosis and resolutions. All of these new features are available on the in IM C Series platform.

The newly announced A3 RICOH IM C2000IM C2500IM C3000IM C3500IM C4500 and IM C6000 print at 20, 25, 30, 35, 45 and 60 PPM, The six new MFPs use three engines and offer a host of additional new features, including an industry leading scan speed of 240 ipm as well as a specialty feeding device that allows for the copying of envelopes and unique originals with a feeder accessory.

It was a quick but interesting event and I appreciate the invitation to attend!

Ricoh unveils Intelligent Devices and innovative technologies to meet the evolving needs of the digital workplace