The Patriots Pack started their day bright and early, heading to Charlotte NC imaging dealer Systel Business Equipment for another warm Southern welcome and probably some of the best breakfast sandwiches ever.

We arrived a bit early, but Keith Allison and his team were already setting up. After relaxing for a bit, Keith presented Mike with a donation to The Jillian Fund, putting our visit over the top.

A few photo ops later and we hit the road. We had a long day ahead of us, stopping in Marion VA to visit an All Covered FORZA customer that doesn’t get too many visitors from vendors, OEMs and motorcycle “gangs.”. Arriving at Hungate Business Services we were joined by All Covered/Konica Minolta “suits” Drew and Adam. They rode in a car!

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Hungate was really out there, serving the rural Virginia country with owners Keith and Eric Hungate carving out a nice business in this town of just under 6,000 people.

While there, we took the opportunity to do an impromptu What’s Happening’ in Person (WHIP) video and I interviewed Mike “Paco” Stramaglio and Keith and Eric on how the FORZA implantation has gone. See below.

After some greatly appreciated sandwiches and a generous donation to The Jillian Fund, we saddled up towards Richmond, only another 240 miles down the road. This really did turn into a very long day.

We did make good time and it was a great day for riding, but we were glad to arrive once we did. We stayed at the same hotel for the fifth straight year and the people at the desk greeted us with hugs.

Tonight was a big night. Paco Stramaglio was FINALLY going to get his pasta at one of our favorite places that we have visited over the years (also 5 times).

Tanya has been our waitress every year and she greeted us with a huge smile as they immediately made room for our large party. We felt like rock stars.

Apparently, this is a pretty popular (and REALLY good) Italian restaurant as two tables over none other than Jim Dotter of Edwards/VBS just happened to be eating with his family. I tell you, we can’t even go out for a meal without being recognized anymore.

Jim made a call and suddenly there were GreatAmerica people everywhere. I swear they must have satellites and GPS our bikes.

Towards the end of our (amazing) dinner, JB “Papa” Brostrom did what he arguably does best, and he sang to an unexacting Tanya. I think it made her night. Watch.

It was one of our longest days and one of the best. We were full, we had a few martinis, and we were closing in on Washington. One more amazing day safely completed.

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