Day 7 was a busy one for the Patriots Pack as they started with a visit to Milner. This was the 5th straight time the Pack has stopped by for breakfast and once again the great people from Milner were waiting for us!

The Pack is riding from Scottsdale to DC via Atlanta visiting imaging dealers along the way and picking up donations for The Jillian Fund. As always, Milner again pitched in with a generous check!

After Milner, the Patriots Pack rode some beautiful terrain through SC and into NC. It was strange doing it in nice dry weather for once!

Towards the end of the day, the boys rolled into the Charlotte area, heading to Streetside Classics where Arlington president & CEO Larry Huneycutt had an amazing treat for us!

Hundreds of classic cars were under one roof and we were able to walk through the warehouse gawking at them for what seemed like hours.

Then, Larry busted out some AMAZING NC BBQ. At this point, Paco Stramaglio was really dying for some Italian, but even he agreed it was really good.

While we ate, Larry spoke to us and then presented us with a check!

We got to the hotel, showered up and eventually ordered some pizzas. What? The hotel bar lost their liquor license? No fear, we have a rolling 30-bar sponsored by Raj and Mars International!

As we rode in, Sheryne Glickman, a longtime industry friend happened to be standing there in the waiting area. She rushed up to say hello. How random that she just happened to be staying at our hotel!

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