Samsung announces global partner initiative

Samsung Printing Solutions has accredited Vision as a Global Samsung Partner. Global Samsung Partners Initiative is an award established to recognise Samsung’s elite print partners from across the world for their dedication to its offerings and their commitment to continuing to drive innovative print strategies in increasingly connected workplaces.

Vision will be presented with a special gold-plated plaque in recognition of their commitment to Samsung, serving to bolster their influence in the print market.

“It’s a great honour for me to present our best British print partners with these most-trusted dealers awards,” said Mark Ash, head of print, Samsung. “Vision are fully deserving of their new status as a Global Samsung Partner and have worked closely with us to innovate and develop new ways in which enterprises can incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) into their print strategies.”

Mark Smyth, operations director at Vision commented: “By working with Samsung over a number of years we’ve really benefitted from their insight and innovation that’s aimed at developing the connected workplace, which in turn has helped us succeed in hitting our growth objectives. My team and I are delighted with our new, well-earned global status and it’s great to have our hard work, and our commitment recognised by this prestigious award.”


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