The Ride for Jillian – Day 8 Recap Richmond VA to Washington DC

The storms had moved on and the Patriot’s Pack awoke to beautiful weather for the last leg of our ride!

Off to Cobb, where the team was waiting for us when we rolled in. Another breakfast decorated with Jillian elephants, music and lots of people! And a drone!!!

One of the things we learned about was a new part of Cobb that’s started as an independent charitable organization to give back to their community in Richmond. Very cool.

Another donation to The Jillian Fund and riders saddled up for a short jump across town to SOS, who were also waiting outside for us as we rolled up.

Another breakfast! More visiting and lots of pictures of the kids (and employees) with the bikes.

Sam invited a Virginia State Trooper once again and he talked for a bit about the charities they run. Last year, we were told how the troopers like to carry toys and stuffed animals in their cars in case of accidents or situations involving young children. The toys help distract and calm them and budget cuts had ended the program that supplied the troopers with these critical tools, so they buy them themselves at their own personal expense. Sam gave the troopers 40 Jillian bears to carry with them and we sent more afterwords. The Jillian Fund is helping people in ways we never imagined it would.

After the VSP trooper, another person Sam is close with spoke about a charity he and his wife started for their daughter who they lost when she was 16. Another horrible story where people have created a legacy on behalf of an incredible child taken way too soon. Not a dry eye in the crowd.

Larry Coco was on hand as well! Larry is donating his time doing dealer training sessions, asking that his fees be donated to the Jillian Fund. Larry is an incredible person with his own story that relates to our Ride and the Jillian Fund. Ask him about it.

It was amazing to hear about all of the good that dealers like SOS and Cobb (and everyone we visited) are doing in their communities and it’s one of the things that makes this industry great.

A few more pictures and we were on our way to DC. An uneventful short ride until we got about 20 miles out and the traffic slowed to a crawl. Painful and a solid reminder why I don’t live down here anymore!

As we got closer to DC, more and more bike packs were seen and several times, our Pack hooked up with others, creating a huge group of bikes blasting up 95. It was awesome.

Upon arriving, we parked the bikes and Slaw’s buddy K-Fly arrived. K-Fly has ridden with the Pack in the last 2 Rolling Thunder rides and then escorted Slaw back home from there to Rochester afterwards. He’s also Slaw’s Best Man in his wedding coming up in less than a month!

Muratec’s Jim D’Emidio arrived and took the Pack on a driving tour of the Capital. We also walked around Arlington National Cemetery and found his dad’s grave. It’s beyond humbling walking around that cemetery. Very powerful.

Time for dinner as we ate at another Italian place (Paco was in heaven). On hand were friends of Jim’s, Joe, his wife Tatiana and a Muratec dealer Lou. During the dinner, K-Fly was presented with his vest and he patched in by singing to the restaurant! People were coming up congratulating him all night. He was beaming.

BTA general council Bob Goldberg also came to DC to join us! Bob may be one of the funniest people in this industry and it’s always great to spend time with him.

Another nightcap at the hotel and off to bed after saying goodbye to GQ, who was leaving early in the AM to get home to his family. We’ll miss him!

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