Konica Minolta’s president and CEO honored for philanthropic spirit

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By LIANNA ALBRIZIO – “Rick Taylor,” he says with a friendly face and a firm handshake.

As we sit down, Taylor directs my attention to what appears to be some kind of sculpture with gadgets attached, situated on the top of three shelves which display his collection of so-called “junk.” The contraption, which has a radio, calculator, dictionary and first aid kit among other things, was something he wore to LA Live last year on stage during a meeting to persuade investors to opt for a one-stop helmet of “old school wearable tech” over the coveted Apple watch.

“I embarrassed myself wearing it,” Taylor jokes of the memory.

His own business operations, however, are anything but passé. In fact, they’re more forward-thinking than anything. Towards the back of his office is a Vizio flat screen TV he uses for conference calls. (Taylor serves on Konica Minolta’s Global Strategy Council, which focuses on business transformation.) On his desk are his smart phone, MacBook and a larger Apple computer nestled near a window overlooking the company’s sprawling Ramsey campus.

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