Gwentaa Releases Version 5 of Supply Intelligence for e-Automate, FM Audit and Print Audit

Cincinnati, OH -Version 5 enhancements include the following key benefits and features:

Get an improved consumables section. Get coverage details, current toner levels and how much toner a customer has on hand. Get a consolidated overview of all the information your supply team needs to make the best decisions for you and your customer. Let SI bring information into your system with a single view.

Your team can cut the time required to process a customer’s request. Knowing what to ship and when to ship will reduce your companies supply cost that will go straight to your bottom line.

“Gwentaa provided us with an exceptional product in the Supply Intelligence tool. In 6 short months of using the tool we were able to drop supply cost of goods over 10%. “ Melissa S., Supply Intelligence User.

Improve your MPS profitability with Supply Intelligence.


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