Flexible Financing Programs from GreatAmerica

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Standard Payment Programs

Maintaining current customer placements and adding new can keep you up at night. From FMV to $1 Purchase Option and Skip Payments to Rental Agreements, our goal is to meet your needs and give you peace of mind. Our Customers for Life® philosophy and Truth in Leasing statement show our relentless commitment to our business relationship with you.



As your dealership evolves, chances are you are adding new products and services—which can cause administrative headaches for you and your customers. We help you bring order to your customers, providing seamless billing that combines ALL aspects of your business. Present a single invoice for multiple services—we’ll help you keep it simple!



Your dealership is seeing growth, but you’d like more control over credit decisions and lease terms? Our Partnership Program is designed to help dealers realize new areas of profit from their business. You share in the economics of your originated lease portfolio, gain more control and realize potential tax benefits.

Software Financing

You offer software so that you can be a more complete solution provider to your customers and need to seamlessly package it. GreatAmerica understands the nuances of software financing. Our “Software Only” agreement is designed to help you sell document management and other software, and present any software mix on a single invoice to your customer.


Protect your customer base and establish recurring revenues with bundling programs for your business. GreatAmerica works with you to determine the best sales strategy from a simple bundled contract to a Cost-Per-Image approach. Through our flexible systems our billing is able to match your go-to-market and customer needs.



Selling hardware with your Managed IT Services can be tricky. No matter where you are in the evolution of your managed IT business, the GreatAmerica hardware rental program, HaaR, is the key to enhancing your managed IT go-to-market strategy. We help you identify which document offering best suits your business needs and pull it all together in a single invoice for your customer.


Providing a custom solution to your customers can end up causing you a tremendous amount of administrative burden – particularly with invoicing.  Fortunately, we’re the billing experts, with capabilities that save you time and reduce errors, including:

  • Variable billing & invoicing
  • Remittance of dealer money
  • Automated meter collection



As you add new customers, you may take on servicing their fleet before adding or refreshing hardware, and still face the administrative burden of billing and invoicing. Fleet Billing is a private label program that outsources your invoicing and collection process of financed and non-financed assets.  We accommodate specific customer requests and reduce your administrative burden.

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Keeping customers by anticipating needs and planning upgrades well before contracts expire is important. Info-Zone is available 24/7, and via mobile devices, and gives you secure, proprietary access to all your customer files and individual lease details.


Emerging Markets

As you grow and evolve your dealership, adding new products and services to help you differentiate and add value just makes sense. From 3D printing to digital signage, we’ve made it our job to keep abreast of office equipment and technology trends so that we can be the best financing partner for you long-term.

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