ecoprintQ and PaperCut double down at Ricoh ConvergX Conference

ecoprintQ and print management vendor PaperCut were on display at the Ricoh ConvergX dealer conference in Las VegasNovember 18 – 20. With over 400 imaging dealers walking the product fair, there’s no way they could have missed the bright green booth located in a key traffic area.

ecoprintQ brought out the big guns as their key executives were all there, something that hasn’t happened in ages, They were supported by PaperCut, including Joe Rubino.

The ecoprintQ crew practically owned the cigar bar on the second night as brothers Alfredo and Evers Milanes and Dominick handed out Cuban cigars and drink credit cards. It was a great night! Maybe, too great.

ecoprintQ, is a certified PaperCut Authorized Solution Center servicing all of North and South America.

ecoprintQ pilots unprecedented Customer Service entrenched in dynamic Technical support for today’s Print-Scan-Fax-Copy Management Applications. ecoprintQ is a bi- lingual Organization with over a decade of extrapolating market resources, multifaceted leader with a vast experience in management solutions addressing your growing technology needs.