Bob Goldberg’s Note to MWA Intelligence

IMG_6409And here’s Mike’s response…


We have both served the BTA Channel for many fun and fantastic years. We have travelled this road as partners in the effort to support the most fantastic industry in the world!

I am proud to say we have enjoyed every opportunity and every passing year with genuine enthusiasm, optimism and excitement for the future

As supporters and colleagues in the growth of the BTA community please allow me to thank you for the very special honor you shared with me per your most generous and elegant quote.

I have been very blessed and deeply grateful for every success and even more so for the hard knocks along the way. Your message below is means more to me than any award and as such please allow me to thank you for sharing it with me and for allowing me to share your message with our dealer and OEM friends.

This is just the beginning and the road is full of fantastic opportunities. Never easy but always doable !

You have my greatest respect, appreciation and admiration! I will treasure your quote forever!