Are You Ready to Grow Your Business? Introduce VoIP!

By , ITEX –In my blog last week, I showed the statistics that demonstrated the fastest way to grow your business is to upsell to your current customer base. But if your customer is already utilizing all your products and services, then what is there to upsell? The days of yore when a dealer stuck to one niche product or service are quickly fading. Clients want a one-stop-shop! Thankfully the office technologies arena provides many options. Let’s consider a very important one… phone service!

close up man hand point to press button number on telephone office desk with virtual interface effect of telecommunication.hotline employee concept

Businesses need centralized communication. While the home phone has died off almost completely, desk phones are still found at most companies. The most productivity-boosting and cost-saving features in modern telephony are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions.  Surprisingly, 69 percent of commerce is still using a PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Hence, huge opportunities for Business Solutions Providers to help customers adopt the more advanced and economical VoIP system.

Mconnect, a Multicom company, built a great business case for using VoIP with these VoIP cost-saving facts:

  1. Dell used its mobile workforce to save $39.5 million and cut carbon pollution via telecommuting.
  2. Businesses see average savings of between 50 and 75 percent after switching to VoIP.

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What’s the Fastest Way to Grow Your Business? Upsell Your Current Customer Base!