Just Fill and Chill. Epson Has Shaq Attack.

By Andy Slawetsky – The hardest working former professional athlete has got to be Shaquille O’Neal.

The man does everything from sports analyst to DJ as “DJ Diesel” (currently on tour).

Over the years, Shaq has sold or endorsed everything from Cream Soda to Buicks to Icey Hot, as well as Reebok, Comcast, Radio Shack…the list is seemingly endless.

But the burning question has always been, who does Shaq prefer for his printing? I mean, we know whose sneakers he wears, what soup he likes, what car he drives, but never any mention of Shaq’s printing. Well, after all these years, we finally know.

He’s one of the most recognizable faces on the planet; hiring Shaq as a printer pitchman is a great move for Epson. As a DJ playing in front of 10s of thousands of Millenials and Generation Z this past summer, Shaq is putting Epson products in front of a demographic that doesn’t necessarily have a long-standing loyalty with their printer.

And when they head back to college and eventually enter the workforce, the familiarity Shaq is helping to bring to Epson products will surely stick in many of their minds.

Who knew that Shaq was such an avid fan of inkjet. Marketing the Epson EcoTank printers with his latest tagline, “Just fill and chill.” It’s one of the best sports campaigns I’ve seen in a while and reminds me of the days when one of the others imaging companies had George Foreman as their guy.

SOURCE Industry Analysts

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