9 Questions To Ask When Choosing An RFID Reader

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology can be used for user authentication and access control for a wide variety of systems, devices and equipment. Here are some important questions to ask when choosing an RFID reader for your application.

Q1:      How many RFID card technologies can the reader support?

Why it matters: A universal card reader gives OEMs and developers a virtual single part number solution to simplify sales and inventory management.

Q2:      Is the reader compatible with the HID Prox and iClass technologies used in the US and the Mifare and LEGIC technologies used in Europe?

Why it matters: It’s not practical to change the readers that currently let you in the door, so you must select readers that are both compatible with them yet optimal for your business needs.



The Reliable RFID Solution for a Wide Variety of User Authentication in Access Control and More