7 Lessons for Printing Solutions Resellers from 7 Months of the Pandemic

By Elisha Kasinskas, RSA – It’s been a challenging seven months. For any organization tasked with selling a product, whether it is printing hardware or a software solution such as WebCRD or QDirect from RSA, sales activity has been down. In some segments of the printing market, resellers are reporting that business is down 30%-40% from the previous year.

But even in a pandemic there are lessons to be learned. After all, this may not be the last event that causes business disruption and the lessons learned now could better prepare you for a future crisis.

Here are seven lessons printing hardware and software solutions resellers have learned during the past seven months.

  1. You need to be agile. When disaster strikes, or in this instance a pandemic, your company and your team must be nimble, adapting and reacting, as necessary. New ways of conducting business, new ways of connecting with customers, and new sales and marketing strategies should be embraced at all levels of your organization.

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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