See How the EFI Midmarket Print Suite Helped Micropress Save Time and Improve Efficiencies Leading to More Profits

Case Study: EFI Midmarket Print Suite


Micropress Printers Ltd is one of the largest independent commercial printers in the UK, specializing in product such as leaflets, brochures, catalogues, case bound books, magazine, mailers, and more. They serve customers that vary from small companies to print management companies and print buyers.


Stay ahead of browing business volumes and challenges on production efficiencies by updating MIS capabilities.


“We looked at what was available on the market and decided EFI was the best fit for our business.” Says Micropress Commercial Director, Rob Cross He found the EFI Midmarket Print Suite estimating, financial management and scheduling through PrintFlow features to be superior to other systems Micropress considered.


“Getting estimating right is the biggest thing. Because of the Suite’s continuous feedback about the actual costs of a job or type of job, we are able to check that we are estimating accurately.”
— Rob Cross, Director, Micropress Printers Ltd

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