3 Major Security Risks of Working From Home and How to Avoid Them

By Joan Honig, DocuWare – Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have adopted more work-from-home policies to keep their employees safe and productive.

This shift is not without its challenges. Besides the obvious work adjustment for many, the sheer numbers of employees working from home increases the chances of being exposed to security incidents. Only recently, the National Cyber Security Centre reported an increase in unscrupulous activity by cybercriminals during the pandemic.

Here are some of the most common security risks of working from home and a few tips for dealing with them.

Common work-from-home security risks

1.  Unsecured networks

Connecting to your unsecured home network or an unsecured public Wi-Fi network in a public space exposes you to malicious attacks. In addition, office networks often provide more complex security measures such as firewalls.

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