Recruiting and Applicant Tracking System

Gain more time and talent with powerful recruitment software and applicant tracking

No process may have as much impact on business success as hiring. So why are recruiting and applicant tracking systems often so manual and inefficient?

Think of how many top candidates may be missed due to unorganized and error-prone methods.

There’s a smarter way. Paychex Flex® Hiring gives your recruiting and applicant tracking efforts the power and reach they deserve, helping automate tasks so you can dedicate your time to finding the best candidates for your open positions.

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The Skylight® PayOptions™ Program is available at no charge to your business (shipping costs may apply).

Pending card activation and identity verification1, this paycard program provides employees all the conveniences of a debit card while helping you avoid the costs and inconveniences of lost or stolen checks, bank reconciliation of uncashed checks, and fraudulent checks.

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Quickly and Thoroughly Screen Job Candidates to Help You Avoid Potential Theft, Fraud, Litigation and More