Prevent Paper Jams! 6 Paper Quality Tips To Keep In Mind.

By Laura Kistinger, Toshiba – Paper plays a crucial role in the overall presentation of your final product, so it’s important to know how to choose the right paper for your print job.

It can be tricky because the paper you select will affect the image quality as well as the serviceability of your office equipment.

High-speed copiers and printers (50+ prints per minute) require higher quality paper than a 15 prints-per-minute device. Color quality can vary substantially depending on the grade of paper stock; and service calls for poor copy quality can often be avoided by using paper made specifically for color reproduction.


  1. Brightness: The whiter the paper, the blacker or more colorful the print appears. This is because the contrast between paper and image makes the entire print appear to be of higher quality.

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SOURCE Toshiba America Business Solutions

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