How to Sell the Environmental Message of Managed Print Service

By Lisa Graham, Xerox – For most channel partners, two terms have long dominated the sales conversation: reliability, and affordability. Recently another buzzword started creeping into the dialogue, gradually moving from inquiry to demand: sustainability. Businesses of all sizes are responding to the consumer demand for environmental responsibility, opening the door for channel partners to start a new kind of conversation.

More than three-fourths (76 percent) of consumers expect companies to take action against climate change and are willing to support those actions with their purchases, according to a study by Cone Communications. They’re not alone. A growing number of government agencies and other organizations in the public sector report that they prefer to do business with environmentally friendly companies.

This has led to significant changes in the way we are all doing business, both as providers consumers. How many of us now carry reusable shopping bags, rather than paying the upcharge for accepting single-use plastic carrier bags? How many of you carried a reusable cup into Starbucks this morning, instead of leaving with a disposable one?

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