thINK Ahead for Inkjet with RSA

To fully take advantage of the benefits of inkjet, it’s important to think ahead with a universal automated workflow that enables your operation to feed your devices at print engine speeds.

At thINK Ahead, the renamed Canon Solutions America inkjet conference September 16-18, 2019 in Boca Raton, FL, RSA will be showing how their workflow that can operate across multiple types of incoming work, automate tasks, and work universally in mixed printing environments, whether it’s a mix of printing technology or equipment manufacturers.[pdf-embedder url=””]

RSA will demonstrate to attendees:

  • QManager for PRISMAsync™, output manager- the perfect gateway to integrate inkjet devices into any environment with a single point to receive, manage, ticket and optimize jobs before routing to one or more devices.
  • WebCRD– Industry-leading in-plant Web to print automates ordering (ad hoc, catalog, and VDP print), fulfillment, job ticketing, production management and chargebacks across corporate print centers
  • ReadyPrint prepress suite– perform preflighting, interactive make ready and document enhancements with hands off automation.

In booth 11, RSA will also show attendees how their production workflow software can reduce steps and manual processes, increase profitability and lower costs by ensuring inkjet and non-inkjet devices are printing efficiently.

Whether you are attending thINK Ahead or not, you can read RSA’s blog post, “Why Agnostic, Robust Workflow is so Important for Inkjet” or contact RSA to learn more about how to have an efficient workflow that will maximize your investment.

SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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