Convince Your Customer to Upgrade Before the Competition Does

By Ciarra Wagner, GreatAmerica – Oh, the upgrade. A special kind of sell. It can be a tricky one considering you’re not technically selling a new solution. You’re selling the same product in a new model, and in your case, the product is a printer or copier.

A new model may have new bells and whistles and improved features, but at a high level, it meets the same need. This presents a challenge, because why would your customers buy the same thing twice, especially when the second sell involves change? Change is hard!

Let’s explore the concept of upgrading using an example we can all relate to. We all hustle through this world on our own unique paths, however there is one common tie that binds us together – caffeination! You’d be hard pressed to find a kitchen without this appliance; though usually tucked away in a corner, you’ll find a very real, but humble MVP: ahhh yes… the coffeemaker! While it varies in size, color, and capabilities, this unit serves one crucial and consistent purpose: making the coffee that fuels the hardworking people grinding it out from 8 to 5 each day.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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