3 Wasteful Printing Habits That ecoprintQ and PaperCut Can Help Fix

Careless printing is a common, yet damaging, trap that many employees fall into. Statistics reveal that the average office employee prints anywhere up to 10,000 documents every year and discards roughly four million tons of paper each year. These statistics might sound hyperbolic, however, when you think about how many supplies you go through regularly, those numbers seem more realistic. Another habit you should cut is careless, wasteful printing. You can do so by cutting the following wasteful printing habits out of your daily routine:

Printing Every Document

Some office employees have a habit of printing hard copies when utilizing a digital version of the document would be simpler. Implement and enforce a print quota to motivate your team to think carefully before printing. These quotas can be established and allocated on a daily, weekly, or quarterly schedule.

Also, be sure to preview each document before printing to ensure that you only print what’s necessary and not those random blank sheets in between documents.

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SOURCE  ecoprintQ

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