7 Top Ways Document Management Benefits HR Departments

By Joan Honig, DocuWare – During the COVID-19 pandemic, Human Resources (HR) had to pivot quickly to refocus their activities on the needs of a remote workforce. While many employees continue to work from home, safe workplace reopening is also an important item on HR’s agenda. As your organization responds to changing economic and social conditions, replacing paper-based processes with digital workflow will enable you to concentrate on helping employees navigate new workplace challenges.

HR’s administrative functions are time-consuming and labor intensive when they’re paper-based or reliant on disjointed technology like Excel spreadsheets, shared drives and software that can’t share data. With office automation in your toolbox you, and your HR team, can focus on strategic issues like employee engagement, preserving the company culture by scheduling virtual events and training, and offering a quick response to workplace issues as they arise.

Key areas where office automation has impact

Replacing paper processes with automation means increased efficiency in processes that range from recruiting and onboarding to separation. Workflows that improve communication between HR, managers, and employees contribute This is a brief overview of some of the functions where digitization with a document management system has significant impact.

  1. Managing CDC health screening requirements:

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