What Is Document Capture – and Is Your Company Getting It Right? SAMSUNG

How important is document capture today? How far along have your company’s operations come? Learn how to get document capture right, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.

How much time do your employees spend scanning and capturing printed documents? In days gone by, all the paper documents a company received had to be delivered by hand. Staff used to spend hours on end sorting documents and deciding what exactly had to be done with them – and then choosing where to file them.

Today, many offices strive toward creating paper-light (or even paperless) workspaces, and are using a paper management technique known as document capture to this end. And the advocates of paper-free office initiatives have now found an unconventional ally in their digitization quest: the multi-function printer (MFP).

Indeed, armed with the right MFP and printer software – such as Samsung’s MultiXpress (MX) range and the apps on the Android-powered Smart UX Center– businesses everywhere are finding ways to take their document capture operations to the next level.

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