Four Steps on The Journey to a Digital Workplace

By Eric Stavola, Ricoh – Businesses that use traditional workplace models are quickly falling behind as they struggle to keep up with the digital curve. This is due in part to the proliferation of technological conveniences — employees and customers have come to expect similar conveniences when they do business.

Challenges that the traditional workplace model introduces in today’s digital world include:

  • Frustrations and potential loss of business when information is difficult to access and deliver
  1. Establish a new mental model

    Everywhere you look, you see people using smart devices to communicate, schedule their time and help them with daily personal tasks. As people become more and more used to this way of life, their desire to have this functionality and convenience in the workplace increases. Unfortunately, too many executives at too many companies lack the necessary mentality to drive a digital transformation that can effectively utilize technology in a way that keeps employees as happy and productive as possible.

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