Acquire And Manage Profitable Managed Print Services Business

MPS Profit Calculator

A quick, simple and comprehensive tool that enables you to analyze a customer’s networked devices and projected parts and supplies usage, then create a professional MPS proposal that ensures profitable margins – and helps you close the sale. Need more information? Click on the Profit Calculator link.

Print Audit Premier and Accelerator MPS Programs

Two subscription MPS offerings that help office equipment dealers, VARs and other providers acquire new customers, keep current customers, and increase revenue. Accelerator is designed for office equipment dealers and MPS providers seeking a low-cost device management solution. Premier is for those dealers who not only require device management, but also want to offer customers comprehensive user management capabilities. Click on the Print Audit links on the left to learn more about these programs.

It’s All Part of KDFM – Katun Dealer Fleet Management

Katun is investing in valuable, strategically-focused programs and services designed to make your business more efficient, profitable and successful – in this way, Katun is your true business partner. This support helps keep you in control of customer device fleets while maximizing your profitability, and Katun’s wide range of reliable, high-quality products and competitive prices enables you to maintain that profitability throughout the life of your MPS contracts.


Promote Your Company Brand, Increase Customer Loyalty with Personalized Products from Katun