Embracing Digital Transformation – Real-Life Examples

As a global leader in the data and analytics sector, it is important for Nielsen to adopt new technology and embrace change in order to stay ahead of its competitors. As part of their digitization strategy Nielsen wanted to reduce the number of printers and copiers. They wanted to replace them with smaller, faster and cheaper multifunctional devices (MFDs) that would support digital workflows.

New MFD devices were installed in Nielsen’s two Australian offices. With YSoft SafeQ, Nielsen can report on user behavior and in turn identify cost saving opportunities.

“We can give business users and managers a report that shows who is the highest printer user. We can use that information to identify whether people are printing unnecessarily and if there are ways to reduce the amount and cost of the printing they do. In the past, we had to manually manage people’s access to printers, which was time consuming and not always efficient or accurate.”

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