Dispatcher Phoenix: Don’t Stop Thinking About Tomorrow

By Catherine BrillYou might recognize this as the title of a song by Fleetwood Mac, a very popular band in the 1970s and ‘80s. It’s a fun song to listen to but if you think about it, what it’s saying is really motivating and inspirational as well. It may be easy to get into a rut in our everyday lives and start acting like tomorrow will be just another yesterday.

But the truth is, new challenges and opportunities are always all around us. Just look at all of the technological changes that have occurred in the last five to 10 years. It wasn’t  that long ago that Netflix introduced online streaming, the iPad was first launched, e-readers changed the way we read books and Keurigs’ single serve system revolutionized the world of coffee.

At the heart of Konica Minolta is an unwavering commitment to similar technological innovations and advances. We’re always keeping our eyes on tomorrow and how we can use technology to better the way our customers do business.

One of the big trends in the workplace today is business process automation, and Konica Minolta has its own automated workflow solution in Dispatcher Phoenix. This family of document workflow products streamlines what are commonly manual-based document processing tasks, allowing our customers to optimize their efficiency, saving both time and money. This tool is a great fit to streamline efficiencies in a wide array of verticals:

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