Post GDPR- Are Organization’s Print Security up to Scratch?

Market research reveals that organizations on average spend just 3% of their IT budget on print security. A low amount, when you consider that a high proportion of organizations admit to experiencing a print related breach within the last 12 months. With the average internal breach costing an organization $8.76 million over a 12 month period, this is not something that should be ignored.

Furthermore with The General Data Protection Law now in force, effecting all organizations that deal with European data, this is a significant opportunity for partners to help their customers review their own print policies to ensure they are secure and aligned to relevant data privacy requirements.

The IDC report, titled ‘Meeting Data Privacy Compliance: Don’t Leave Your Print And Document Management To Chance‘ provides a list of considerations they believe all organizations should implement with regards to print. These include:

Authentication–  Provide access management for user authentication/ authorization to print, copy and send information electronically

Inspect and protect– Forensically inspect and protect content including personally identifiable information (PII) — for example, identify credit card and bank routing

Reporting– Provide comprehensive reporting while leveraging data anonymization to maintain user privacy

Click Here to view the full list of considerations and download the report

Data Breaches aren’t always the Work of the “Cyber Hacker”