Opportunities for Imaging Dealers? High Speed Inkjet, According to RISO’s Andre D’Urbano

Like most of us, RISO Executive Director of Sales and Marketing Andre D’Urbano has been working from his home near HQ in Massachusetts since COVID-19 began.

Industry Analysts’ Andy Slawetsky chats with Andre to find out What’s Happenin’ at RISO and what they’ve been up to over the last few months.

Why is Andre so upbeat about opportunities for imaging dealers going forward? Watch this video to find out how high-speed inkjet could open up new revenue streams with your customers.

This video is part of an ongoing series of What’s Happenin’ in Person (WHIP) interviews that can be found on industryanalysts.com and on this YouTube channel (IATV).

Source Industry Analysts Inc.

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