etherFAX Announces A New Partnership With Lexmark

HOLMDEL, N.J. (DECEMBER 4, 2018) – etherFAX today announced its integration with Lexmark, a global imaging solutions leader. By extending Lexmark’s solutions to the etherFAX network in the cloud, customers can securely send documents to millions of etherFAX’s connected endpoints with ultra-fast transmission speeds and guaranteed delivery.

While traditional fax transmissions such as VOIP are hampered by limitations associated with PSTN and telephony infrastructure at analog modem speeds, etherFAX offers a more effective approach to secure document delivery via fax. By leveraging the cloud and delivering all faxes via HTTPS, outdated fax boards, media gateways, the complex telephony stack, and busy signals are eliminated.

Supporting every major fax server, application and fax-enabled device, etherFAX has more connected endpoints providing end-to-end encryption than any other service. The etherFAX Secure Exchange Network (SEN) is the world’s largest fax network, leveraging military-grade encryption and hybrid cloud technology to provide 100 percent secure communications within healthcare, finance, legal, and enterprise organizations.

“The addition of Lexmark products to the etherFAX service ushers in a whole new era for fax and document delivery,” Robert Cichielo, CTO and founder of etherFAX said. “While traditional fax is supported, Lexmark customers can now exchange rich content documents near-instantaneously and directly without the need for any special hardware or middleware products.”

In addition to the Secure Exchange Network, Lexmark will utilize the new etherFAX SENx solution offering true end-to-end encryption. Using methods defined by the Elliptic Curve Integrated Encryption Scheme (ECIES), etherFAX SENx securely transfers information between two endpoints. Each SENx transaction begins with the exchange of public keys, allowing shared secrets to be generated to seed the encryption process with unique keying material only known to the endpoints. Information is further protected through signing and authentication mechanisms to assure the validity of the data in transit. etherFAX is currently the only fax service provider to offer ECIES encryption to subscribers through its APIs.


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