How will We Make Printing Environmentally Sustainable Post COVID-19?

Across all industries we have seen a drive by companies to significantly reduce their printing volumes. Moreover, the number of completely paperless workspaces continues to grow due to the benefits of digitalization.

Business leaders have seen how the use of these digital tools can not only improve their carbon footprint, but they can also significantly boost efficiency and productivity while promoting a greater culture of collaboration.

We, at Kyocera, are a company that champions the ideas of both sustainability and digitalization, and we have an important role to play in the coming years. For some time now, we have been helping companies to print less and print smarter. Our printing assessments allow us to analyze both the printing fleet and the printing behavior of a customer.

This data allows us to provide educated and accurate recommendations regarding fleet sizes and the processes that can be streamlined in order to reduce costs. I believe that understanding the unique needs of our customers is what sets Kyocera apart.

We have now expanded this approach to digital processes. This area will continue to witness tremendous growth in the coming years. Beyond the physical documents, we want to help our customers identify areas of weakness and inefficiencies so that we can provide the document management solutions they really need. This helps them to work smarter and become leaner as an organization.

Therefore, our holistic approach to printing allows us to help those who wish to improve their paperless processes, while also providing the platform for businesses to print more efficiently.

Of course, sustainable printing involves much more than just reducing paper volumes. Alongside our partners and customers, we are committed to making the world around us a more sustainable place for our children and grandchildren.

Across the industry, printer manufacturers continue to integrate parts such as drums and rollers as well as toners; these consumables require multiple changes during a printer’s life cycle and this generates a huge amount of waste and a negative impact on the environment.

As the only manufacturer using life-long components, our ECOSYS range of printers counts on parts that tend to last the duration of the product lifespan, meaning that toner is the only consumable customers have to think about.

This is not a new trend at Kyocera. Long before the idea of sustainability took center stage, we had invested heavily in machines that would drastically reduce our impact on the environment. We have been pioneers in promoting environmentally friendly printing, as dictated by our Environmental Charter, and our ECOSYS technology, which dates back over 30 years, proves this. Certifications such as the ISO 14001:2015 have been recognition for our efforts and are a huge source of pride for the entire organization.

The concept of sustainability is here to stay. As I have said previously, paper has a huge role to play across all industries and I don’t envisage a complete shift to paperless offices in the near future. However, it is clear that digitalized process will continue to grow in importance. The streamlining of processes will significantly reduce waste while enhancing efficiency. This can only be a good thing for the environment. At Kyocera, we have a responsibility to be a major player in this movement.

Traditionally, the printing industry has focused on printing faster and in greater volumes, but the landscape has shifted dramatically and quickly. Customers now demand products that boost their efficiency while minimizing the impact on the environment. They want less consumables and less energy usage. Long-life products and parts are also major priorities, and I believe that the companies who fail to evolve towards this direction will struggle to survive. It is for this very reason that we continue to adapt our business model.

From a technological point of view, our innovation will continue to focus on delivering products which can provide a seamless integration between physical and digital documents. We want our customer to be able to run a document process from their PC, mobile device or MFP with the same customer service, functionality and consistency regardless of platform.

The ability to quickly transform a physical document into digital, and vice versa, is what we hope will set us apart from competitors and we will continue to leverage our expertise and experience to develop further in this area. This is at the very heart of reducing waste and being as environmentally friendly as we can by pursuing efficiency to drive sustainability in printing.

Óscar Sánchez
President & CEO
KYOCERA Document Solutions America, Inc.

SOURCE Kyocera

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