What Are Millennial Worker Attitudes On How Much Paper Is Used In The Office?

By KAREN LACHTANSKI – Most organizations are going through some type of digital transformation. The benefits are primarily for productivity gains in order to stay competitive. But what do employees and prospective employees think about their company’s efforts? We decided to ask.

In a survey of 100 employed U.S. people aged 18-44, we asked about their attitudes on paper usage, paper and digital processes and how much these efforts mattered to them when considering a job change.

Fifty-seven percent said that the printing done in their office has a negative impact on the environment yet sixty percent said their company had no policies on how printing can be done (seventy percent had no policies on scan processes). Fifty-two percent felt their company had too many paper-based processes. Fifty-four percent are using cloud storage at work, either company-owned or their own personal accounts.

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