ProList Expands Color Inkjet Capabilities with the Addition of 2nd MCS Merlin K146c and Condor 250

Gaithersburg, MD- MCS, Inc. announces ProList, a full service direct marketing services company, has expanded their process color inkjet capabilities with the addition of the MCS Condor 250 and two MCS Merlin K146c inkjet printers.

The MCS Merlin K146c is the first cut sheet production process color inkjet press without a click charge. At this capital and operational cost, it is a perfect entry-level production color inkjet press for even the smallest mailer, and a great reprint or backup printer for the largest professional mailers. The K146c is ideal for letters and statements.

When asked why ProList chose the K146c over other cut sheet color inkjet options, President Dave Lokos responded, “We chose the K146 because we felt that the print quality was excellent and the sizes it handles best compliment the types of products that we produce for our clients. It is economical and reliable, and we were confident that it was the best option for our specific production needs.”

ProList was so pleased with the Merlin K146c that they quickly added a second machine. Lokos continued, “We felt comfortable purchasing a second K146c simply because we knew what type of work we would have to run on it. Based on past experience with our other digital presses, the ramp up time can be quick with a high workload. We felt the need to be able to accommodate this smoothly and we foresee having a third and quite possibly even fourth K146c in the future.”

ProList also added its first MCS Condor 250 process color envelope inkjet. The Condor 250 allows for versioning – the ability to change out logos, taglines and images in one print run at an affordable price. ProList recognized that the Condor is a great compliment to the K146c. Sylvia Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer stated, “We chose the Condor 250 for its practical application of running envelopes in-line on our high-speed Pitney Bowes FlowMaster inserter, as well as the ability to read-and-print color variable envelopes. Our success with our off-line ink jet color envelope printer made the addition of the Condor a logical next step.”

MCS and ProList have forged a strong relationship over the past two decades. Lokos added, “MCS has supported ProList in the purchase and servicing of a wide variety of equipment ranging from traditional laser and ink-jet equipment to the newer color ink jet equipment like the K146c and the Condor 250. The MCS sales team always works hard to ensure that we are completely satisfied with all of their products, from the initial purchase and install through ongoing support and service.”

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MCS is the leading provider of solutions for mail manufacturers who specialize in producing the valuable stream of mail communication that reach consumers and businesses mailboxes every day. Advertising and marketing mail as well as transactional mail such as financial and health care- based mail are becoming more and more sophisticated and MCS has evolved since 1991 to provide solutions tailored to this industry.

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About ProList

ProList is a full service direct marketing services company that has been in business for over 30 years. From lists and deliverability to mail piece compliance and production, we are always making sure our clients’ mailings are the best that they can be. Our staff includes nationally recognized experts in postal regulations, mail production and database management. ProList’s focus is and will continue to be bringing complete satisfaction to clients using technology, innovation and hard work. ProList serves accounts nationwide in a variety of industries ranging from non-profit and fundraising to membership organizations and commercial marketers.

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