Clorox® Expects There to be a Shortage of Disinfectant Wipes up Until 2021. Help Your Customers!

Businesses and schools are opening and in an effort to stay safe, disinfectant wipes are a must. Clorox and other manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the demand and there will most likely be shortages of disinfecting wipes into 2021. Fortunately, Clover has been able to secure high-quality, EPA-registered disinfectant wipes.

Pre-Sale Details

Disinfecting wipes are expected to be in demand.  Lock in your supply to ensure you have them available when others do not!

  • Lock -in pricing at $4.70 per pack
  • Minimum quantity commitment 6 pallets per month
  • 12-month commitment required
  • Supply agreement required

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SOURCE Clover Imaging

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